Professor Ching-Hua Lo

  Contact information

       Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University

         No. 1, Roosevelt Road Section 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan



      Ph.D., Dept. Geological and Geophyscial Sciences, Princeton University


Professor, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University, since 1995

Distinguished Professor, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University, since 2007

Adjunct Professor, Institute of Astrophysics, National Taiwan University, since 2003

President, National Applied Research Laboratories, 2013-2016

Vice President, National Taiwan University, 2011-2013

Dean, College of Science, National Taiwan University, 2005-2011

Chairman, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University, 2002-2005

Panel Convener, Earth Science Subdivision, National Science Council, 2000-2002

Section President, Solid Earth, Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, 2008-2010

President, Chinese Geoscience Union, 2011-2013

President, Geological Society located in Taipei, 2009.-2011


     Outstanding Research Fellow, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

     Chair Professorship, National Taiwan University

     Most Downloaded Award, Island Arc, Wiley-Blackwell

     Island Arc Paper Award, Wiley-Blackwell

     Distinguished Research Fellow, National Science Council, Taiwan

     Academic Award in Natural Sciences, Ministry of Education, Taiwan

     National Chair Professor, Ministry of Education, Taiwan

     Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America

     Fellow, Geological Society of America

     Outstanding Researcher Award, National Science Council (3 times)

     Contribution Medal, National Center for Natural Sciences and Technology, Vietnam

     Best Young Scientistˇs Paper Award of the Geological Society of Taiwan


      Application of radiogenic isotope (40Ar-39Ar) geochronology, mass spectrometry,

      and principles of mathematics, physics, and chemistry to fundamental problems in

      geology.  Numerical modeling of diffusion and mass transport in open systems.  

      Mineralogy, crystallography and transmission electron microscopy of

      geochronologically-important minerals.  Application of petrology to problems in

      plate tectonics.


Selected publications:

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