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    Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University

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         B.Sc. Geology:          University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

         M.Sc. Geology:          University of Amsterdam

         Ph.D. Geology:          Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam



P         International Association of Structural/ Tectonic Geologists

P         European Union of Geosciences

P         Royal Dutch Geological and Mining Society

P         Geological Society of Japan



P         P-T-t-d  paths of tectonites and orogenic zones;

P         The factor time in deformation;

P          Radiometric dating of tectonic processes;

P         In-situ 40Ar/39Ar laser probe analysis of minerals in tectonites;

P         Cooling and exhumation histories;

P         Extensional tectonics and exhumation of UHP rocks

P         Fluid-rock interaction during isotopic resetting

P         Tectonics of the western Mediterranean Region

P         Tectonics of East Asia





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ARTICLES, peer reviewed


Isotope Geology - Geochemistry


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Pressure-Temperature-time -deformation Paths  and Modelling



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Structural Geology



17- de Jong K., 1992. Comment on: "The structural configuration of the eastern Sierra de los Filábres, SE Spain; by H.E. Bakker, Geol. Mijnb. 70, p. 287-298". Geologie en Mijnbouw 71, 81-83.

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General Geology



21-  de Jong K. and Bakker H.E., 1991. The Mulhacen and Alpujárride Complex in the eastern Sierra de los Filábres, SE Spain: Lithostratigraphy. Geologie en Mijnbouw 70, 93-103.


Articles in preparation or on the brink of being submitted


22- de Jong K., Timmerman M.J., Guise P.G., Rex D.C., Cliff R.A., Daly J.S., Balagansky V.V., Pozhilenko V.I. and Wijbrans J.R. Paleoproterozoic tectonic reworking and post-tectonic fluid-assisted resetting of the Archean rocks in the northern Lapland Kola Mobile Belt (Russia): 40Ar/39Ar mineral ages and PT paths. Journal of metamorphic Geology.

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24-de Jong K., Kurimoto C., Wijbrans J.R., Ruffet G. 40Ar/39Ar whole-rock laser step heating of metapelites from the Mikabu and Sambagawa belts, western Kii peninsula, southwest Japan: geological implications and comparison of methods. Chemical Geology (Isotope Geoscience Section).

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